Photos were taken on a middle school tennis court and football practice field. The setting contributes to the playful feel. I edited the photos to emphasize popular colors from the 1970s: lawn green, sunshine yellow, and brown. 
The styling is multifaceted. It uses elements of traditional school uniforms to give a disheveled, schoolboy-at-recess look. But to keep the looks modern, it is also reflective of current trends, such as the return of the v-neck sweater vest, chunky men's basketball shoes, and pastel, oversized blazers. 
All of the clothing items except for the jeans and khaki shorts were thrifted to keep the shoot sustainable and on budget. The jeans and khaki shorts were pre-owned by the model.
I created a mood board on Pinterest before the shoot. It includes a mixture of vintage and modern styles, including several from the 1977 film Annie Hall.
This project started as an assignment for one of my Parsons courses to "design an accessory item based on [a photo of an everyday item from my house], then create that item from an unconventional material."
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