Self-portrait from 2022
(My hair is brunette and super professional now. Pinky promise.)

Howdy! My name is Frankie. I'm a Chicago-based writer, photographer, and brand strategist at an ad agency/production house startup.
I have written and self-published a mystery novel, made a video series about dead things in a local science museum (and doubled their engagement on socials), and started a photography business. I've also consulted for a Christmas Tree rental startup, written day and night for several newspapers, and interned for NASA, where I researched economic impact.
These pursuits sound haphazard, but they boil down to one thing: telling stories—via words, numbers, photos, podcasts, and design—that matter, stories I hope expand empathy and understanding.
I am passionate about equity, especially when it intersects with art. I also dance (like, a lot). You can learn more about that here.
Let's work together.
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