Their No. 1 priority was for influencers to create lots of content to use in our ads, drive higher-margin D2C sales, increase brand recognition, and show the brands’ competitive advantages.
We used award-winning software to narrow down influencers to those with our target audience in their following and reach out at scale to save time and streamline the process. It also allowed us to automate our workflows, easily collect influencer payment information, and accurately measure campaign ROI. 
ColorIt: Influencer Marketing to Build a UGC Engine
ColorIt’s coloring books for adults are durable, high-quality books made of 120-pound, acid-free paper that prevents bleeding. They feature top-binding, which removes the center-binding obstacle for left and right-handed users. In addition, there is a vibrant ColorIt Facebook community where product-lovers share their creations and support each other. 
In the self-care world, we saw an opportunity to make coloring books for adults a big deal, like meditation or yoga. The primary target consumer is women ages 25 and up. The positioning is both aspirational in aesthetic and approachable in practice. It is also important to communicate that it’s not just a product—it’s a community where you can free your creativity.
To get as many at-bats as possible, we decided to target micro (10-50k followers) and mid-tier (50-500k) influencers. We looked for creators whose following was overwhelmingly female, aged 25 to 60, and interested in self-care. The primary archetypes we wanted were trendy millennials, young moms, and middle-aged women or grandmas who want to take some time for themselves."
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